Did you know that Hoshino Gen’s party started a few days after the debut of Chapter 3 of the third season of the Fortnite series to celebrate the start of last season? Here, players can complete an optional challenge to get General Hoshino’s Corner. You can also unlock 40,000 XP.

Concerts are more popular in Canada, USA and UK. After attending a concert, players can also receive a series of Soundwave-Gen Hoshino sprays.

Read on to learn more about General Hoshino’s concert!

What is General Hoshino’s party?

Returning in the form of a virtual concert with famous musician Hoshino Gen, the Soundwave series will impress people a lot.

Even those who missed Gen Hoshino’s concert will be able to enjoy this concert that airs for 72 hours. The concert starts on June 9, 2022 and runs through June 12, 2022. Concerts can also be viewed in picture-in-picture mode. In the end, the show ended beautifully and the players thoroughly enjoyed it.

How much is Gen Hoshino Fortnite worth?

Gen Hoshino was invited to a great show ahead of the release of Fortnite Chapter 3 – Season 3. The award-winning album Pop Virus includes Koi, one of the top songs on the Hai Anthology charts. Comedy is also his hit and will be featured at the event.

After completing the Election Challenge, players can earn Hoshino Gen Coins and unlock XP.

The mini-event is sponsored by the 3D Labs development team. Hoshino’s interactive experiences place players in a space that changes behavior, colors and landscapes based on their mood. Fans will see more during the mini-events.

After reading about Gen Hoshino and Gen Hoshino Fortnite Coin for Concert, let’s dive into the features of the Soundwave series.

Soundwave series features:

Each performance in this series is a unique combination of interactive experiences created by the Fortnite creative team. The team created a new set of moods, from cherry blossoms to neon lights in the 3D lab.

How to get this gaming experience?

At the Gen Hoshino concert, Loopers can attend the Soundwave series. You can find Gen Hoshino Tiles at Creative using code “6831-7094-7130”. The concert runs non-stop over three days, featuring music and Soundwave and XP series.


Upon completion of the mini-event, players will receive experience points and a Gen Hoshino spray from the Soundwave series. Unfortunately, the giveaway is only available for mini-events and cannot be purchased from the Merchandise Store.


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