Wireless headset for Phones is a jackpot in a small package as it reduces the hassle of dealing with wires. Even now, several smartphones don’t support a headphone jack. So, wireless headphones come to help here as finding lightning or USB-C type headphones is challenging. Why stumble when you can get wireless headset for Phones from a long-provided list? Yet, people struggle with connecting their wireless headphones to their phones. It’s a little more difficult than simply plugging the cable in the jack, but not that hard. 


Let’s check how you can connect your wireless headphones with your phone.

  • Turn on the pairing mode of the headphones. 

The wireless headsets employ Bluetooth to connect with other supported devices. You can turn the Bluetooth of your headphones on by just pressing the power button. If you can’t connect it, consult the manual given with the headsets to take the guideline. The red and blue light flashes indicate that the Bluetooth is on or some headphones beep on a successful connection. 

  • Turn the Bluetooth on, search, and connect. 

Once the Bluetooth of your headset is on, turn on your smartphone’s Bluetooth. Search the name of your headsets and click on pair to connect the devices. You can conveniently do this on iOS and Android phones. Yet, the pattern is slightly different. 

With iOS 

If you own an iPhone, you can pair the headsets with your device from settings. Click on Bluetooth, let it search your headsets, and select pair to connect. 

With Android 

If you have an android phone, you can simply long press the Bluetooth icon on the control center, pulling it down from the top. It will directly take you to the Bluetooth search, where you can search for your headsets and pair them to jam out. 

Troubleshooting while pairing your devices 

If you can’t connect your wireless headsets with your phone, follow these steps to resolve the issue in seconds: 

  • Unpair your device by going to the settings and confirming. Re-paired it to ensure a stable connection. 
  • You can also restart both devices and reconnect to pair the devices. 

That’s all you need to connect your wireless headset to a phone. It’s time for jamming. If you want us to recommend top-notch wireless headsets, the Soundcore wireless headset for phone will be our top priority. But how can we forget to highlight its offerings that make your listening experience incredible and convenient? Let’s get a quick insight. 

  • Voice Assistance 

You can assist Soundcore wireless headset for Phones with voice via Alexa, Siri, or Google that your phone supports. Play music, change music, or make calls through voice controls. 

  • Receive/accept/end calls 

Soundcore’s recently launched Space A40 wireless headsets for Phones offer AI-improved calls. It employs 6 mics that enable users to make calls with clear audio effects and voice identification. 

  • Battery Life 

Most Soundcore wireless headsets offer 50 hours of total playtime and fast charging to ensure a hassle-free listening experience wherever you are. Space A40 wireless headsets can play for 4 hours with only 10 minutes of charging, and Sport X10 offers 32 hours of total playtime. 

  • 5.0 and 5.2 Bluetooth connectivity 

Above all, these wireless headsets for Phones support 5.0 and 5.2 advanced Bluetooth to ensure stable connectivity. You won’t lose a connection with your device. 

Bottom Line: 

Wireless headsets offer multiple benefits besides reducing the wire struggle. It adds aesthetics with enriched audio effects and an immersive listening experience. It is even easy to connect with the devices through Bluetooth. Yet, our rationale behind recognizing Soundcore wireless headsets for Phones as the best is their lightweight, portability, advanced EQ presets, and affordability. 


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