The majority of the cases of HIV don’t involve hair loss. So there is no typical way that HIV causes hair loss in people.

However, most of the cases of HIV have appeared, which has led the patients to thin their hair. Sometimes, when the thinning of hair increases, it can result in hair loss. 

Hair loss is very common, even in normal people. Some people have family genes for hair loss and some results are due to their age. In short, hair loss is something that can occur to any person, not only a person with HIV.

In the case of HIV, there are medicines that may cause hair loss due to their side effects. Although these are very rare cases,

Furthermore, the STIs have a chance of hair loss. If a person with HIV has a presence of a sexually transmitted disease like Herpes syphlis, then hair loss can also be the cause of it.

People with syphilis often lose their hair. It is one of its major symptoms. Moreover, some medicines like Zovirax, which treat genital herpes, can be the cause of hair loss.

Healthy Hairs:

In retrospect, HIV medication had some huge side effects of hair loss. However, in modern medication, there is no such effect as hair loss. One might be using old medication which causes the hair loss; otherwise, there is no way HIV medicines can cause hair loss.

What you should do:

If people with HIV lose their hair, then it is not due to HIV. It is a very rare case. However, if a person has both HIV and other STDs like herpes, then herpes causes hair loss. 

Those with HIV who maintain a healthy lifestyle don’t have hair loss problems. There are ingredients in the body that function to give healthy hair. So always keep a healthy lifestyle. Eating well and maintaining your proper medication and treatment for HIV

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