You can look for Boughloaf reviews to see if it’s a scam or a trustworthy company.

Do not post on the website
The place is called Bagrof
WHOIS Registration Date: 25.12.2022
register. People, LLC
Email: [email protected]
Call 442086385417
Address and company name: Meledo Company Limited 372 Southampton Row, Greater London, WC1B SHJ.
Number: 11736866
Products on the Site: None
Description on company website: Kitchen Artist Stand Mixer, Spot Shield, 5-qt

What is

This online store claims to sell many of the above products. This happens before you decide to buy online. There’s a lot to know.

Bogloff is considered a fake website for the following reasons:

Personal Information.

The main company name on the Terms and Conditions contact page is Meledo Company Limited, which is used by many fraudulent and questionable websites such as Enzoia and Ueeckkutuxb.

The actual name of the company is Meledo Company Limited, but the name and name of the company will change in the future. Because many similar sites do.

Special prices and offers

Bogloff offers a wide variety of products at reasonable prices. Finding the right store is almost impossible, even on Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

Go back and change

Our return policy does not include exchanges or refunds. The Online Store will not accept returns or exchanges under any circumstances. These online stores have confusing or variable policies that make full returns nearly impossible.

Our Final Verdict:

Now we have enough information to prove that Bogloff is a fake site.

Click here for a list of rare points or scroll down to the scams section to learn about the different types of scams. Click here to visit our website.

You can consult with these companies. You can share this review with your family and friends through your social media accounts to let them know about this online store.

Many online stores offer deep discounts on many products. But most of them are lies. Avoid online stores or do your research before buying. Most online stores do not ship products to their customers. or provide inferior or unreliable products. Online retailers can accept credit cards without the buyer’s permission. If you are scammed by a fraudulent website, contact your bank or credit union immediately to protect your credit card information.


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