Cookie Run: Empire is a popular RPG game that also features tower defense. To defend the tower or kingdom, players must form their best team using all the cookies unlocked so far or available in the game. There are over 50 Cookies in the game with unique and unique abilities that can be assembled and further teamed up in Cookie Run: Empire to fight all enemies.

Read this article and learn about the best teams in the game and build the strongest team to win all the tournaments.

Top 3 best teams in Cookie Race: Empire

As mentioned, there are over 50 cookies in play, which can cause problems when creating the best sets. Therefore, for simplicity, we divided the teams according to their skills. Scroll down and optimize the best teams, broken down into skills and strengths

1st Attack Team available

Cookie Run: To create Empire’s best combo attack, arrange your cookies in this order: Tea Knight and Strawberry Crepe Cookie in front, Eclair and Sorbet Shark Cookie in the middle, and Pure Vanilla Cookie in the back. The Strawberry and Tea Knight cookies are better than spoilers, but Lightning is the best sidekick, and the cookie combo is great.

2. Protection Chief

Cookie Run: To build the best defense team in the Kingdom, place the cookies in the following order: Hollyberry and Strawberry Pancakes are placed up front as they are effective in repelling enemy attacks. Place a Frost Queen and Sea Fairy Cookie in the middle of the group to defend against attacks, and place the Cotton Cookie at the end. This cookie round is the best when it comes to the best defensive team in the game.

3. A good box

A balanced team is equally strong offensively and defensively. So choose cookies that have the skills and capabilities to get the most out of them. Surround and send GingerBrave and Kumiho Cookies ahead, as they can do the most damage by killing all the enemies in their path. Place the legendary Sea Fairy and Frost Queen cookies in the center for the best support as they have excellent cooling rates. And the Almond Cookie is stuck in the back because it has this unique ability to put a ring on all enemies and block them.

That’s all you need to know from the excellent team at Cookie Run: Kingdom.


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