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We are talking about whether you should buy anything from Basedguru com. This store sells things for women. 8% confidence out of 100

We’ll take a look at everything we know about, including what it offers and more information about the actual site. You can read the entire article below.

What is the body?

Basedguru has an online store that sells women’s products like clothes, shoes, and other accessories.
According to Whois data, this site was registered a few hours ago on 2022-12-01. The trust of this site is 8%.

Main Features of

In this section you will find all the information about Go through all the information and decide if you want to buy anything from this site. We encourage you to do your research when purchasing from the Site.

place name

Website link:
Email: [email protected]
Equipment: women’s equipment
Brand name: clothing/shoes etc.

Accepted payment methods:

Logistics schedule: 8-14 days payment ($6.99) Delivery: 3-8 days payment ($12.99)
Return Policy Goods can be returned. Buyers have 14 days to return the product.
Website legalization will be easier if you keep the above considerations in mind. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of this site.

This online store has many great features:

Requires an SSL certificate, and valid HTTPS for client security.
It gives customers different ways to pay.
Grant customers all relevant and applicable rights.

Negative comments from Basedguru review:

This site has a very low credibility of 8%.
There are negative reviews on other pages of the portal.
Website content seems to have been copied from other sources
This page is new. Recorded a few days later 2022-12-01. This creates a trust problem.
Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of the site. Now let’s establish which products are legit and which are scams. Read the section below and comment if the page is not working for you. This riddle can help many people.

To prove that is not scamming you, you need:

1. Page age: 2022-12-01 days ago by whom
3. Website Trust: 8% out of 100
6. Secure Email: [email protected]

Questions about this store:

Is Basedguru a fake site?

Yes, the location was great. However, we recommend that you do your research and check everything out before making a final decision.

Basedguru com is a scam or safe website?

This site contains many products for women. Despite the large selection of women’s products, the site does not accept cash on delivery. These Terms will provide you with additional information about the legality and readability of the Site. Let’s see how it works.

Page creation date: 2022-12-01 In a few days
Confidence index: 8 out of 100
Does this site have a valid URL?
No, this online store does not look legit.

A result:

Our reviewer found this site suspicious. The trust rating for this site is 8%. We are not sure if the link is legit.


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