Reviews about Bambi Bar show other clients’ thought process subsequent to survey the bar You can take a gander at them and choose if you have any desire to design a party.
Would you like to go out with your companions? Have you at any point been to a mixed drink bar? If not, we have everything. Bar Bambi, an Australian mixed drink bar, is known for its night parties. Here are Bambi Bar reviews to perceive how great the assistance is and the way in which different spots are doing. So to find out about Bambi Bar, read this article.


Bar Bambi Cocktail rating on Google is 3.5/5 and 3/5 This data depends on 166 client reviews. Individuals are conversing with one another. A few like laborers, some say laborers don’t work. A few clients composed that this site is perfect. 552 decisions on Facebook as per 3.7/5. Other web-based survey destinations evaluated it 3.5/5 in view of 4 reviews

Bambi Bar Melbourne

Bambi Bar is situated in Melbourne, Australia. Here is the mixed drink bar’s location: 3000 ACDC Lane, Melbourne (corner to 103 Flinders Lane). Well known for bar parties and different occasions. Their opening times and booking times change. The Night Bar serves Italian wines and mixed drinks, as well as shared eating and unrecorded music Thursday to Sunday. The extra room holds around 250 individuals. They fill tables and tents to serve great food to their visitors.

Bambi Bar reviews show that the bar is exceptionally famous and many individuals ought to visit and partake in its administrations. Really look at opening times underneath.

work day

Bar Bambi has an authority site where you can actually take a look at opening times and different specials. Nonetheless, we have given some data here. So you can counsel them.

Open Thursday to Sunday.

Working hours are Thursday from 17:00 to 13:00. Piano and supper accessible from 5pm to 9pm and DJ from 1pm to 1am.
Opening times Friday from 17:00 to 15:0 According to Bar Bambi’s survey, DJ and food are accessible until 3 pm, yet the piano is accessible at 21.00.

Saturday supper and disco from 17:00 to 15:00.

Open on Sundays from 14:00 to 20:00, however just in summer or spring.


We composed this post showing the opening times of Cocktail Bar Bambi. You can look at it here or visit the authority site. Numerous internet based survey locales have blended assessments about this line. So you can check your experience on the web.


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