Are streaming services cheaper than cable? We are aware that the trend to cut the cord is increasing and the price has been a catalyst. Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix and many others streaming platforms were created to bring in a new era of television entertainment. Customers would no longer need to pay for excessive cable costs or sit through a soaring rate of. With a minimum of $15 per month, you’ll have access to hundreds of thousands of movies and shows.

The information is technically accurate. When we hear that streaming does charge less than $15 each month, we believe it’s the only amount they’ll be paid. We miss a lot of things that could be a reason. In this article we’ll discuss all the aspects which make us wonder if streaming is less expensive than cable, or is it an illusion that we are trying to find.

Therefore, with no further delay, let’s see how streaming might be cheaper than cable.

Internet Only Packages

If you are deciding to go without it is essential to select internet-only plans. Since you’re currently dependent on the internet for a large portion of your time, and you’ll need to boost your bandwidth too as, naturally your charges will rise as well. When we opt to buy the internet packages only, we need to be very careful about the amount of bandwidth we select. It is easy to do. If, for instance, you have Xfinity Internet service you are able to call Xfinity support to inquire about internet speeds available and find the right plans to your needs to ensure you don’t lose moneyor bandwidth.

Once you have the ideal internet plan in this manner, you will not be charged more than what you use and will keep your streaming expenses to a minimum.

The Cost of Streaming Vs Cable

Cable subscriptions are based on many aspects, including the location you live in and the type of package you would like with the number of channels you want and whether you’d like DVR as well as other features, or not. For streaming, you’ll need an internet service and a streaming service subscription. The simplest cable package costs around $25 per month and offers little in the way of features.

The streaming of a subscription, regardless of whether you are a subscriber to more could still result in saving dollars and provide you with more choices of content you can select from.

Multiple Streaming Services

It is a fact that viewers aren’t necessarily happy with signing up to just one streaming service. Often, they might end up subscribing to multiple. This is the time when they could begin to notice that their monthly total cost puts them back into the same territory of cable bills. Exclusive content plays a significant aspect in this. For instance, F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Game of Thrones fans are unable to find the show anyplace and not on HBO Max. If you are you are a Bridgerton fan you will have to subscribe to Netflix and you can’t watch Mandalorian anyplace else than Disney Plus. The list keeps growing your subscription to streaming services.

Multiple Screens

Multiple screens plans increase the cost of streaming services. If you are a cable TV user you can only have no at least one cable connection within your home. If you want to have more than one cable, you’ll have to pay more for each of them. It is a advantage of purchasing packages with at least one display. Anyone who wishes to stream anything can switch to a different device and start streaming.

Streaming Live TV

If you choose to go for live streaming of TV, this will increase the price. There are a lot of excellent Live TV streaming options such as FuboTV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, etc. You may have to buy more than one subscription to this, especially If you’re an avid sports enthusiast as they aren’t available across all streaming platforms. It is your choice about what you’d like to keep and what you want to get rid of. There are also options for you to pay less that allow you to subscribe to sports networks Direct streaming services. This can cut down the price.


According to the above argument, we can conclude that streaming could result in being cheaper than cable, and almost definitely it is. In the end, it’s all based on your preferences regarding what you want to watch and which channels you prefer. you can opt to either subscribe to streaming or cable which ever suits your needs best.


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