As the world progresses, technology progresses, and the devices that seemed the most advanced in the past become redundant over time. The same case is with normal speakers. After the invention of new technology like Bluetooth and Surround Sound, Stereo Speakers are taking over the regular speakers, making them outdated. The reasons why portable Bluetooth Stereo Speakers are superior to normal speakers are as follows:

sound produced

  • Sound Quality

The developers design Stereo Speakers to ensure that the produced sound seems as if the sound’s source is standing right next to you. This phenomenon is known as surround sound, which uses multiple audio channels and other sources to produce this effect. The sound produced is clear and accompanied by a loud bass. Soundcore Stereo Speakers use Woofers and Tweeters to enhance sound quality, something a normal speaker would not necessarily have. On the other hand, normal speakers usually use a single audio channel and produce monotone sounds. It implies that all sound emitted is of similar frequency and pitch and not refined. It is the same as sitting through hours and hours of a boring lecture.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

Since the introduction of Bluetooth, connecting multiple devices has never been easier. Wires have gone out of the question as wireless connectivity has stepped up. Soundcore Stereo Speakers have Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which ensures the connection is clear and uninterrupted. They also use a USB-C cable for charging or connection while having an aux cable connection option. This way, if any device does not have Bluetooth (which is a rarity today), you can still connect it with the speaker effortlessly. However, other speakers only have the option of the aux cable to connect to a device. The aux cable does not provide a stable connection like Bluetooth, and the cord is also prone to damage. Another growing issue is that as the world shifts towards wireless connections, all the newly launched smartphone models do not contain an aux cable slot.

  • Portability

Regular speakers are typically large and heavy, while Stereo Speakers are compact and lightweight. The rationale is that other speakers require additional setup devices and connecting devices, whereas Stereo Speakers do not. Soundcore has a wide range of speakers that are easy to carry around and can fit alongside your luggage without much trouble. 

  • Electrical Power

Normal Speakers consume more electrical power than Stereo Speakers. The reason is that they require constant electrical input to function, whereas their counterparts by Soundcore have long-lasting battery timings of up to 24 hours and use USB-C-type cables for fast charging in under two hours.

  • Waterproof

Stereo Speakers by Soundcore are IPX7 certified, which means they have good resistance against water and dust. They can be completely submerged underwater for some time and still function perfectly. Normal speakers, on the other hand, are the complete opposite. Even touching these speakers with wet hands can be hazardous, as they have a live electricity connection that can electrocute you.

  •   Internet Access

You can connect Stereo Speakers to the internet via the Soundcore mobile application, and through the application, you can customize the speakers to your liking. You can control the EQ settings, the volume, and the bass settings through the application, available on the Appstore and Playstore. On the contrary, regular speakers are pretty backward in the technological aspect. Therefore, they cannot connect to the internet in any way. However, you can employ a manual EQ system to adjust the EQ settings to your liking.


Stereo Speakers are so much more efficient and up-to-date than normal speakers. They are more technologically advanced, have better sound, and offer numerous more facilities than ordinary speakers. So, get your Stereo Speakers by Soundcore now.



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