Are you looking for a Pet Simulator X merchandise code to get an adorable new dog? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place. This post will explain the merchandise code, where to get it, and how everyone can get a big dog in this roblox game.

What is the Pet Simulator X trading code?

The Pet Simulator X merchandise code is a unique code that can only be obtained by purchasing items from the Big Games Official Store. Every time you buy an item from this store, you get a unique code called Commerce Code.

Can we get Pet Simulator X merchandise codes for free?

Unlike Pet Simulator X codes, you cannot get merchandise codes for free. As mentioned above, you will need to purchase items from the Big Games Official Store page in order to obtain a valid code.

How do you get an adorable dog in Pet Simulator X?

To have an adorable cat in Pet Simulator X, you need a valid and usable Plushies Cat code. For those who don’t know, Plushie Cats can be purchased from the Big Games Official Store. If you buy it, you will get a unique token on the roof, which has a 1% chance of getting the rainbow version of the big dog in the game.

Once you redeem the code, a big cat will appear on the screen with the spells “Best Friend (Unique)” and “V Power” just like any other giant animal.

Sorry, you cannot buy The Cat Plush right now. Since it is not available on the site, not everyone can find an adorable dog in Pet Simulator X right now. You can keep an eye on the website’s Twitter page for more details on the upcoming sales.

That’s all you need to know about Pet Simulator X Merch codes and how to get Huge Cat into the game. While you are here, you may be wondering how to use Bank in this Roblox game.


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