Dubai is a major city in the world and is a well-known tourist destination in Dubai’s Middle East region, thanks to its geographic location. Hatta The “picturesque mountain area” is perfect to make an excursion out in the daytime for tourists who are visiting Dubai and also an opportunity to escape the city’s hum and bustle.

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How to Reach Hatta?

It is situated within Dubai, Hatta is one of the United Arab Emirates’ constituent regions. The majority of journeys to Hatta start at Dubai International Airport. Dubai and Hatta are connected via private bus services and public buses. The journey is about 90 minutes. Renting a car is a viable alternative. If Americans visit the UAE to begin with they are granted an entry permit for 30 consecutive days.

From Dubai

by automobile:Hatta is 125 kilometers away from Dubai and takes around 1 1/2 an hour from there. When traveling, you’ll pass along picturesque routes. From Dubai take the Maliha route until Hatta and continue on route E-102 route for approximately 90 minutes. In Dubai the cheapest car rental is 30 dollars per day.

by busTaking your bus ride between Dubai to this point is slightly longer than driving. Even though you can travel using the public transport system , it takes approximately three hours and 20 minutes to get there. The price of a typical bus ticket ranges from 13 and 15 AED.

From Abu Dhabi

via vehicle: Driving in your car for around two hours and forty-five minutes from Abu Dhabi to Hatta. This is a great option if you would like to make your journey more efficient and want to explore in your own way. To get to Hatta in a short time follow the Dubai-Al-Ain route until you reach Male.

on buses: Buses to Hatta departs the capital every 15 minutes and takes about 3 hours and 35 mins. The E16 bus leaves Sabkha at the terminal for buses, and is scheduled to arrive to Hatta Bus Station at correct time.

Hatta Climate

Hatta has a moderate climate in comparison to other regions. While Dubai is hot and humid and the desert is hot also, Hatta provides reprieve in the in the form of dry and moderate conditions all through the all of the. However, Hatta is extremely hot in the summer, temperatures of the mid 90s F or more, humidity levels remain moderate. The daytime temperatures of 70 degrees are more common for most throughout the year.


Hatta is located within an area known as the Hajar mountain’s foothills. Along and its “magnificent mountain scenery” as described in Lonely Planet is a large element of the charm of Hatta. Hatta is also classified a “heritage village” which means it’s really Arab. There aren’t many tourist-oriented businesses or eateries in the village, which makes Hatta an ideal destination for its beauty. Forts dating back to the 16th century could be situated inside the town.

Hatta Rock Pools

A lot of trips to town are made with off-roading with a four-by-four or an SUV in the mountains or desert. Particularly it is the Hatta rocks are an ideal spot to stop during these journeys. The pools are curving, narrow valleys of polished Granite with crystal clear ocean pools, filled with springs. They also have the Mezereh market that is situated on the road to Hatta sells souvenir-worthy items like candles and carpets.

Hatta Trip Travel Tips

  • It is suggested to bring warm clothes since Hatta is much colder than Dubai.
  • If the weather isn’t ideal be wary of taking a dip in Hatta pools of rocks since the levels of water may change.
  • The ideal time to participate in activities that require lots of work is in the morning when there are less people.
  • If you’re considering kayaking , be ready to wait at least 20 minutes.
  • If you are driving through high-altitudes, ensure that you have an experienced driver.
  • Because it’s a hilly region as well as an area of high elevation isn’t suitable to drive into or engage in risky actions after the sunset. If you’re planning to travel back to Abu Dhabi or Dubai the next day, be sure to leave at night, before the sun sets since roads aren’t accessible at night.
  • If you’re planning on crossing the border, make sure to carry important documents like your driver’s license and passport in your luggage.

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