Solar panels, also known as PV panels, convert sun rays (composed of photons) into electricity that can be utilized to power devices. These panels can be used for multiple applications, such as telecommunications equipment, remote sensing, and personal or commercial usage. Also, you can prefer the geothermal drilling that is best for your drilling work.

As we go ahead and discuss the 1kW solar panel price, let’s understand what a 1000W solar power system is. 

Solar panels are made up of polycrystalline or monocrystalline. They collect clean sun rays and then convert them into electricity. The panels have several power cells that carry a positive charge through boron and a negative charge through silicon and phosphorous. When these panels absorb the photons from the circuit, electricity is generated. 

Even though some may initially feel the 1kW solar panel price is steep, what must be remembered is their long-term usage. 

When we talk about the utility of these panels at home or in commercial space, note that the inverter and panel cells play an important role in the effective functioning of solar panels. So, don’t try saving 1kW solar panel price obsessively, but consider how long-lasting and low maintenance the technology is.  


How Much Power Can a 1kW Solar Panel Provide? 

This is a critical question to consider when discussing the 1kW solar panel price. It is because the cost of investment will determine the panel’s worthiness. The 1kW solar system can generate around 5000 watts using the sun’s rays during the day. It can provide up to 8-10 hours of power to houses with 3-4 BHK under difficult power-cut situations. 

The 1kW solar power system has over 97% inverter efficiency and around 16% module efficiency. 


Components of a 1kW Off-Grid Solar System

The four components of an off-grid solar system play a big role in deciding the overall 1kW solar panel price. 

They are: 

  • PV Panel: 330V x30nos. 
  • Battery: 150Ah x10 nos. 
  • Inverter: 2500VA 
  • BoS Components: Earthing kit, Panel Stand, DC Wire, and others. 


Benefits of a 1kW Solar Panel & System

If you are concerned about the 1kW solar panel price, you must go through the benefits to know the return on investments. 

The following USPs must be noted: 

  • Reduced Electricity Bill: When you end or limit the reliance on traditional electricity-generating and supplying modes, you not just opt for a sustainable life but also end unnecessary expenses. The electricity bills can be overwhelming, and therefore, you can save so much by switching to solar power.
  • Long-term Benefits of Clean Energy: In light of the depleting reserves of non-renewable energy forms like coal, minerals, and others, there is an urgent need to tap into the potential of renewable energy forms such as solar power, wind power, geothermal energy, and others. Considering solar power is readily available in India, it’s one of the most reliable energy forms.

    Energy from sun rays doesn’t add anything harmful to the environment and helps combat climate change.
  • Be the Owner: Consider this when you are worried about the 1kW solar panel prices. You will not depend on anything else to power your electrical devices. A 1kW solar power system can operate during the cloudy and rainy seasons. It means no need to go back to environment-damaging and expensive electricity-generating sources.
  • Easy installation: Even though the 1kW solar panel prices are reasonable in India, what adds to the affordability is the easy installation of the system at home or in a commercial place. Since the system comes with no moving parts, there is no fear of anything damaging your rooftop as well. This is a one-time installation with easy maintenance. 

There are, in fact, too many advantages to installing a solar power system for electricity. The best part is that these benefits increase manifold when you make the purchase from a credible brand such as Luminous.


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