Physicians are some of the most fulfilled, well-paid, and respected medical workers in the US. For those that have gone the extra mile during their medical studies, and have begun a career as a physician, you’ll understand how steep the climb to success can be. Thankfully, now that you’ve got experience as a physician, you can start focusing on what you want from your next physician job. To assist you, here are the seven key qualities to look for when you’re seeking out quality physician work:

1. Schedule Flexibility

Without a ton of built-in schedule flexibility, working as a physician can quickly become exhausting. Since many physicians are now working in a more freelance or even travel-based, manner now, employers are trying to provide physicians with as much schedule flexibility as they can possibly offer. Having a solid grasp of the scheduling needs you’re looking for, well before you sit down for an interview with a recruiter, will help you out immensely. By using Practice Match to find open physician jobs in your area, you’ll find the right schedule setup for your personal life in no time.

2. Job Growth Opportunities

While you want to ensure the physician job you’re interviewing for can meet all of your financial needs immediately, you’ll want to carefully consider where a physician job has the potential to take you later on as well. Doing so will give you the ability to start a career path with a practice that can set you up for retirement benefits, a fulfilling career in medicine, and much, much more. Just be sure to get hyper-specific when asking questions to your recruiter that deal with job growth opportunities.

3. Quality Benefit Packages

One of the most attractive aspects of being a physician (or any skilled medical worker in that manner) is the amazing benefits packages that you’re typically privy to. Because you have such a massive amount of medical training, and a solid grasp of the medical industry, you’ll have an eagle eye for spotting quality benefit packages. For physicians mulling between two potential positions, the quality of a benefits package can often become the final deciding factor. After all, you want to make sure the job you’re seeking can provide you with mental and physical health support before you go through the trouble of setting up an interview.

4. The Perfect Location

Taking work that’s in an inconvenient location will quickly lead to disaster. You want to ensure the jobs you’re applying to will not become an everyday commuting hassle, after all. The closer you live to the job you take on, the more money you’ll save on gas. The amount of valuable personal time you’ll maintain by working at a facility that’s conveniently located nearby your home is difficult to overstate as well. In today’s world, many physicians are even taking their practices almost fully online.

5. Plentiful Vacation Hours

Having a flexible schedule is important, but knowing that you’ll have useable, paid-for vacation hours is critical as well. Because of the often high-stress nature of physician work, you’ll need the ability to unwind and recharge a few weeks out of each year. Thankfully, many physician positions offer fantastic vacation hours packages (which is one of the key reasons many people still dream about becoming physicians).

6. Fantastic Skill-Expansion Opportunities

On-the-job growth opportunities, including compliance program development, are crucial for medical professionals. Science and medicine never stop evolving, so you must be constantly expanding your physician skillset. Many quality medical practices know how to pair different medical workers to maximize the amount of quality on-the-job training their staff is receiving. The more knowledge you gain, the easier it will be for you to constantly excel at your job. Your patients will be incredibly thankful for the constant training you take on to keep them both safe and healthy.

7. A Solid Workplace Community

No one wants to work in an environment where they feel alienated from their co-workers. Being able to professionally and efficiently communicate with all the medical personnel around you will ensure you can quickly diagnose and treat patients, after all. If you see a workplace that fits your emotional and professional wants, you need to quickly send in your application, so that you can finally land your dream job.

Unlock Your Dream Physician Job in 2022

By looking for these seven key qualities in any physician job posting you read, you’ll set yourself up to finally unlock your dream physician job in 2022. With the right amount of grit, effort, and professional development, you’ll quickly make yourself stand out from other candidates in your area.


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