After passing the 12th standard, many students are in a dilemma regarding what they want to pursue ahead. A lot of students consider doing a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) but might take a step back for various reasons.

Let me tell to a fact, BBA is such a degree that gives your career an instant boost and also opens door to a satisfying professional life. We know that these reasons aren’t enough to pacify your heart and soul, so the below-mentioned are six reasons why must choose a BBA degree to not miss out on BBA Admission 2022

Not just a degree for business, but for life: We all know that BBA is done by students who want to start their own business or take up roles that are around the business. However, very few realize that BBA isn’t just a degree that imparts you knowledge about business. Instead, BBA is a degree that involves theoretical and practical aspects, unlike most other bachelor’s degrees, and hence, it teaches you numerous skills which will help you in your professional life and personal life. Moreover, BBA in Business Administration has future scope for you as a person and professional. Hence, it is a win-win situation as it not only enhances your career but your entire life, as well.

Covers a plethora of disciplines: When you pursue a BBA degree, you are taught various disciplines. Marketing, accounting, human resource management, and organizational behavior to name a few. Thus, technically, we aren’t just learning about business administration. We also get to learn about a lot of other disciplines too. Hence, it enables us to choose what we wish to pursue after graduating. For instance, during the period of your degree, you develop an interest in Human resource management, then you can pursue your career in that field. BBA doesn’t limit you to business. Rather, it gives you an insight into various other disciplines as well.

It is a professional degree: BBA in itself is a professional course, which means that after graduating you can get employed right after your college ends. In fact, BBA degree holders have the highest employment rate compared to other bachelor’s degrees. Hence, if you are planning to just pursue graduation and get employed after that, then BBA is the ideal path to choose as there are a lot of job openings and at the same time the salary packages are great. And some of the best management colleges in India work on your on-job skills, be it soft skills or hard skills. Of course, if you feel you want to polish yourself more before stepping into the industry, you can go for a Master’s in Business Administration, however, it is not mandatory.

Offers high salary and perks: One of the main goals of every individual on this planet is to earn well to satisfy their needs and wants and upgrade their living standards. BBA degree offers you that because, after the completion of the course, you become a business professional and are ready to enter the competitive world. The degree prepares you for the industry and hence, soon after you graduate, you can get a hold off of a job that pays you well and gives you additional perks as well. Promotions in this industry are quicker and if you change the company, you can easily get a good position with high pay. There are many BBA colleges in Chattisgarh that offer placement aid to students.

Develops your personality: As we discussed previously, a BBA degree enhances your soft skills. You learn how to communicate effectively which will help you in future to put your point across, makes you confident enough to face the competitive world, enhances your leadership qualities and provides you with knowledge on how to lead a team. Hence, by the end of the degree, you end up enhancing your personality without making too much effort.  

Doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket: The best thing about a BBA degree is that it is affordable. BBA is a three-year-long degree and makes you a professional, but it isn’t expensive at all as compared to what you get in return. You earn much more than you spend on the degree and this, I feel is the biggest advantage of this particular degree.

So, we have given you various reasons on why you must pursue a Bachelor’s in Business Administration.One of the best private university in India to apply for a BBA degree is KK Modi University in Chhattisgarh. 

The university vows to offer innovative and progressive courses to students and makes them professionals and entrepreneurs that are ready to enter the industry. The faculty is quite diverse and very experienced, hence when the students will interact with their professors, they are sure to take back a lot of knowledge which isn’t available within the books. The university has eighty-six years of experience in the industry, sixty years of experience in education, and they have impacted approximately five-hundred-thousand students till now.

The university offers a three-year-long BBA degree and if the student wants to pursue a master’s, then the university offers a master’s degree as well. Also, the university offers an integrated degree in BBA and MBA which you can apply for at the beginning itself. The first-year fee for BBA is Rs. 1.4 lakhs. To be eligible for the course, you must have passed the 12th standard with more than 50% marks.

I am sure that by now you would be convinced as to why you should pursue a BBA degree and all your confusion and dilemma must have settled. We also talked about various colleges which offer a BBA degree. However, one of the best universities in India to pursue a BBA degree is the KK Modi University, Chhattisgarh. The location is great, the fee isn’t that expensive, the faculty is diverse and experienced, the infrastructure perfectly fits the taste of the contemporary world, and lastly, you step out of the college as a skilled professional who is ready to take on the world and tackle all the challenges that your life throws on you.


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