We use technology so much that we sometimes fail to notice its influence on our lives. Technical advancements help us buy food, reach a destination, improve our sleep, as well as several other aspects of our lives. With the advent of digital technology, we can even enhance our skills such as writing. Through the use of various apps and digital devices, we can be better at writing our college essays or personal blog. 

In this article, we are going to examine five ways in which we can use technology to become better writers.

Improving the quality of our content

Poor spelling and grammar represent a strong barrier for many aspiring writers as well as students. Going through a large text in search of errors can be tiresome work that takes too much time. Without at least one essay helper on our side, we also risk overseeing a certain mistake and submitting our work without proper inspection. To save time and to avoid human error, writers nowadays use grammar and spellchecking tools. 

These are automated pieces of software, usually powered by AI that can examine any piece of text in just a few seconds and help us correct any type of writing mistake. 

The list of software solutions that help improve the quality of our writing and grammar include:

  • Grammarly
  • HemmingwayApp
  • Scribens
  • Quillbot

Note-taking app

To write a high-quality paper, we need to get our facts in line so we can later use them. With so many online information sources available in all sorts of content forms, pen and paper are simply not enough. Note-taking apps are small pieces of software that let us take quick notes and organize them so that we can find them easily. The best apps for this purpose allow us to record everything from pieces of text we found online to videos and voice recordings.

The best part of these apps is that they allow device synchronization and many use cloud technology therefore we can access our notes from different places and devices. 

Enhancing our vocabulary

A well-written text is rich in diversity, especially when it comes to phrases that we use. Repeating the same words throughout the content makes it difficult to read and aesthetically displeasing. However, finding the proper synonyms or metaphors is sometimes not easy, especially if you’re not a native speaker and you work with a restricted vocabulary. 

Online platforms like Thesaurus provide help for writers who have trouble finding the right word. Digital solutions like these, save time that we would otherwise spend going through a physical book or searching for the proper term elsewhere. This way, we can enrich our content using a diverse vocabulary and use idioms that are natural to the native-speaking audience. 

Finding appropriate resources

Actual and trustworthy information is an integral part of any well-written material. Many writers don’t have the resources to visit a faraway land to obtain a certain piece of information. Thanks to the internet, we are now able to gather information from every corner of the world, as long as it’s publicly accessible.

Apart from regular Google searches, writers can now search for information using online knowledge bases, video lectures, podcasts, and recently published scientific papers. Therefore, instead of going through outdated sources, writers have the chance to obtain fresh information and compare it to other sources with ease. Additionally, file-sharing platforms that we have at our disposal let us exchange data quickly and safely. Therefore, if we need an individual to share data with us, we have a plethora of choices that will allow us to do it safely from any prying eyes.

Authenticity checking

Plagiarism is an important issue that every writer should be aware of because it can lead to legal charges. Authenticity issues are not by rule a consequence of someone’s intent to steal other people’s work. In many cases, plagiarism occurs unintentionally but it still represents the same level of problem. 

Luckily, there are numerous plagiarism checkers that we can use online to make sure our work is authentic. These pieces of software crawl through the internet in search of pieces of text that correlate without writing. We could miss a citation in a certain part of our essay and end up with a penalty from our teacher without ever thinking about plagiarizing someone else’s ideas or findings. These pieces of software that we have at our disposal can save us from a lot of trouble and heavily impact the quality of our submission. 


Writing is a creative endeavor but it requires a set of tools that would direct and support our creativity. With the advent of digital technology, we have obtained a way to improve our writing skills instantly. Through the use of these tools, however, we improve our writing skills in the long run because they also help us realize our mistakes and learn from them.


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