South Carolina is famous for its shoreline, crowd, extensive stores and malls. This opportunist state of the USA witnesses thousands of visitors each year to experience premium shopping near the subtropical beaches. These stores and malls have every possible product you are looking for and provide premium quality supplies at the most affordable prices.   

In other words, South Carolina’s malls are a one-stop solution for all the shopaholics who love to purchase luxury at affordable prices. With tropical structures, these malls also offer you various eating spots and places to relax.  

And keeping tourism in mind, these malls have great parking capacity and other faculties to comfort their visitors. Now without any delay, let us explore the top 5 shopping malls in South Carolina.   

Best shopping malls in South Carolina  

To make your visit worthwhile, we have shared a brief description of malls, kindly look! 

  • Broadway at the Beach 

If you are looking for a famous travel destination yet shopping square in South Carolina, US, Broadway at the Beach is amongst the Best South Carolina malls to visit. The most prominent entertainment venue, Broadway at the Beach, has a lot to offer, shopping corners, nightlife, award-winning attractions, relaxing accommodations, and premium dining surrounded by Lake Broadway.  

Here, you can find something for everyone, so you don’t have to search separate places for all your requirements. They even have rides to make your day no less than a vacation. 


  • The Market Common 

If you are fond of village settings, you will love The Market Common. Here in this mall, you will find exceptional shopping corners with affordable pricing and a dining area with a village setting to give an authentic feel to visitors. That’s not all; if you search for fancy brands, don’t worry, you will find many premium stores along with tree-lined avenues. You can even enjoy authentic food prepared by the regional chefs in famous restaurants or enjoy a movie date post shopping. 

Also, this shopping square has a planned setting and parking facility so that you can drive your car to the common market.   

  • Haywood Mall 

Haywood Mall is amongst the best shopping malls in South Carolina, where you can satisfy your sweet tooth and purchase your everyday utilities simultaneously. Here in this mall, you can find monthly, weekly or everyday deals in their flyers or weekly ads. You can enjoy international cuisine at the food court with various choices for your taste buds. For kids, they have Haywood Mall Children’s Play Area, which is quite comfortable for kids to be in. The mall is both high-end with structure and brands but budget-friendly with prices. 

  • Northwoods Mall 

As the name suggests, Northwoods mall is in North Charleston, South Carolina. This mall came into being in 1972, and since this mall has undergone multiple renovations. This USA shopping mall is easy to reach and has plenty of high-end stores. To shop here, you can check out a handful of deals offered by their flyers or weekly ads. You can also enjoy lip-smacking food and a variety of options for drinks.  

As the mall has a vast parking lot, you can quickly drive your cart to the mall. Also, if your kid is getting cranky, they have a huge activity area for the kids where your child can enjoy rides while you can keep an eye on them.  

  • King Street  

Lastly, you can enjoy the charming atmosphere alongside king street and enjoy a comfortable shopping experience with your family or loved ones. Here on this street, you can find all the popular retailers and a section of antique galleries where you can purchase beautiful pieces. For your taste buds, a handful of options are available to satisfy your mid-day hunger.  


Our article is helpful enough to guide you through the different stores, malls, and streets. Where you can get the best of South Carolina, so the next time you visit this state of the US, remember to revisit the article for better recommendations.   



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