There is not much that feels worse than waking up in the morning with a bloated, uncomfortable feeling in your stomach. Gas and bloating can happen for a number of reasons, but most commonly it occurs because ate food or drank alcohol that left you feeling a little under the weather. Detox products can sometimes help with these situations but first, it helps to understand what causes the situation in the first place.

How Bloating & Gas Occur

Bloating occurs because air or gas becomes trapped in your gut. It can leave you with an inability to get comfortable, cause you to belch or pass gas often, or even cause pain. Typically, it is caused by taking in air as you eat or drink, especially if you are eating or drinking too quickly. Sometimes, it is triggered by what you’re eating and drinking.

How Your Body Responds To Food

When you eat, the microbes in your body are also eating in the form of taking fiber from plants, sugar, and protein that enters your body. Some foods are higher in certain types of carbohydrates. These foods, known as FODMAPS, include beans, broccoli, cabbage, lentils, and cauliflower. Some fruits, as well as bell peppers, are also known to create gas and bloating after eating.

This doesn’t mean that you should always avoid these foods, though, as they are typically considered healthy for you. Sugar-free foods that use xylitol, sorbitol, or erythritol are also known to cause gas and bloating. You may even experience these symptoms because of undiagnosed food allergies or intolerances.

You can often combat these symptoms by limiting how much of these foods you take in at once. Over-the-counter medication for gas and bloating is also important. You can even try detox products by comparing stuff such as Detoxify Mega Clean vs. Xxtra Clean to help you get your gut health back to normal.

How Your Body Responds To Alcohol

Alcohol tastes amazing and helps you loosen up, but it’s also an inflammatory substance that often causes bloating, gas, and swelling in the body, especially when consumed in excess. This is also true if you’re drinking mixed drinks that use sugar-filled juices as mixers or if you’re drinking beer. After a night of drinking, you may feel bloated, have stomach pain, or even notice that your face, hands, and legs are swollen. Drinking plenty of water, getting rest, and using a hangover detox product can help you to feel better. Of course, it’s best to drink in moderation. Keep in mind that the more you consume, the worse you are likely to feel the next morning.

When To Consult With an Expert

Sometimes, intestinal gas and bloating are more serious. If you notice that your gas and bloating happen every time you eat, regardless of what you eat, or if it occurs even when you haven’t eaten or consumed alcohol, it is a good idea to seek the help of a doctor. This is especially true if you notice vomiting, diarrhea, unintentional weight loss, or prolonged heartburn.

Everybody experiences gas and bloating from time to time. Using detox products to keep your body healthy is an excellent choice, as is seeing a doctor as needed.


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