Filling up your pantry with your favorite snacks offers employees a wide range of benefits. When employees are busy at work, it is only when they realize that they have not eaten breakfast or lunch yet. Sometimes they would just want to take a quick snack at their workstations.

Rather than buy fast food and waste time, pantry snacks can help satisfy their rumbling stomach.  The Reject Shop is home to a wide selection of grocery products you can add to your office pantry. Check out these 3 pantry snacks that can help fill your employee’s hungry stomach.

Different Snacks For Your Office Pantry

Stocking your pantry with snacks helps promote a positive work environment. Data reveals that 45% of Americans consume three or more snacks daily. The same data reveals that people eat snacks more often than traditional home meals. Check these pantry snacks from The Reject Shop’s grocery range to offer your employees.

1. Snack Bars

Snack bars are ready-to-eat baked products. They are a great alternative to high-calorie food products. Snack bars can be fruit-based, wheat or soy-based, fruit, vegetable-based, or vegetable-based.

Snack bars are a great source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals and are fiber-rich. They have anti-oxidant properties. Aside from that, snack bars also offer the following benefits:

1. Provides Proper Diet.

Snack bars can be a great source of proteins and other nutrients. Studies have shown that the proteins found in snack bars can help increase muscle mass and decrease fat stores. In addition, they make a great meal replacement for lunch and dinner because they supply the body with an adequate amount of protein and essential nutrients.

2. Contributes to Weight Loss.

Snack Bars are low in calories, despite having similar taste profiles. They help you feel full longer without the added junk from processed foods.

2.  Nut Snacks

Another great snack you should consider adding to your pantry is nuts. Who does not love nuts? You will surely go nuts over these snacks, whether peanuts, cashews, or almonds. Aside from their nutritional benefits, nuts can make you feel full longer. Check out these benefits of nuts:

1. Great Source of Fiber.

Nut varieties like almonds, pistachios, and pecans are rich in fiber, making them great for people trying to lose weight.

2. Lessens The Risk of Heart Problems.

Studies show that nut consumption can increase LDL particle size, reducing heart disease risk. In addition, nuts can help boost HDL cholesterol, enhancing artery functions.

3. Reduces Inflammation.

Nuts are known to possess anti-inflammatory properties. While inflammation is the body’s defense against injuries, viruses, and other harmful bacteria, long-term inflammation can increase the risk of diseases and organ damage.

3. Mini Biscuits

Biscuits are great as a pantry snack because they have a long shelf life. You can store them in your pantry cupboard for up to 18 days. Most biscuits contain the same ingredients– flour, fat, leavening agent, and milk or water. Biscuits are rich in carbohydrates and can be quickly digested.

With a high-glycemic index of 70, biscuits can be a great energy source, but they may leave you feeling hungry even after eating. Check out these benefits of biscuits:

  • Offers a concentrated source of calories.
  • Biscuits have low moisture content making them ideal for storing in your pantry. You can store them for up to 18 days. Boxed biscuit mixes remain fresh in your pantry for 9 months.


Pantry snacks are great for increasing employee productivity. It also shows your staff that you value their hard work and dedication.


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