Body art is becoming popular nowadays among both men and women. It expresses the thoughts you want to convey, even without speaking. What’s a better place to get inked than your chest and back?

The chest and back tattoo art are trending, as it gives you a bold and intense look. The tattoo placement on the chest and back is versatile, as these places have enough space for detailing. Also, these areas are low to moderately painful to ink. 

Whether you want an enormous tattoo to flaunt or just want a small yet stunning design, explore some of the coolest chest tattoos for girls with us.

Chest tattoos

Flower Chest Tattoo

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Flowers are a symbol of love, innocence, abundance, and prosperity. A flower tattoo is as lovely as the flower itself. Having it inked on your chest is a way to remind yourself that you are gentle and beautiful, just like a flower. This design is simple and elegant, hence an ideal choice for those who have an intense love for flowers and simplicity. 

Under Chest Tattoo

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Under chest tattoos are gaining immense popularity because they are easy to hide and are very appealing. The area under the chest is great to start with as it has enough space, and you don’t have to worry about the size of the design. The design will look even more fantastic if it has its way along your chest’s curve, and its focal point is just in the center.  

Chest Quote Tattoo

Quotes are inspiring, and it’s a great idea to ink one on your chest. If inked in the right position, the chest quote tattoos appear cute. The best area to ink a quote tattoo is around your collar bone, directed towards the shoulder. If you plan to ink the quote in big letters, consider inking the design in the center to get a dazzling appearance. 

Full Chest Tattoo

A full chest tattoo isn’t just the men’s thing. Nowadays, women are becoming bolder and breaking the boundaries by getting these full chest tattoos inked on their chest. Slay in your style by either choosing a piece of script or a plethora of flowers for your tattoo design. 

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Tribal Chest Tattoo

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One of the most desirable tattoo designs, the tribal chest tattoo sets the temperature by giving you a steamy and seductive appearance. It would be better to cover your whole chest with this design. Tribal prints are generally larger in size, and the design will appear intriguing if kept in its original form.    

Heart Chest Tattoo

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A heart chest tattoo is a fine blend of simplicity and elegance. The area beneath the collar bone will be perfect to ink this tattoo. You can choose the area of placement by deciding whether you want to hide the tattoo under the clothing straps or want to make it visible near them.  

Back Tattoos

Back and Neck Tattoo

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A tattoo design going all through the neck to the back is becoming most women’s taste nowadays. The inking done on the back area is less painful, according to the tattoo pain chart scale. If you are someone with a rebellious or bold nature, getting an enormous tattoo covering your neck and back will be a great option. 

 Back and Shoulder Tattoo

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A shoulder is versatile as a place to ink a tattoo. Your outer shoulder has fewer nerve endings and thick skin which makes it a perfect spot for a tattoo. You will experience less pain and discomfort, also the skin doesn’t get stretched like in other places. Hence, your ink will remain fine for a longer time. Moreover, you can easily cover this area if you want to. 

Spine Tattoo

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A spine tattoo really appears tempting and stunning among other unique tattoos for back, but to get it, you have to endure lots of pain as well. Our spine has sufficient nerve endings, so it is painful to ink this area. Also, the more details it is in your design, the more discomfort it will bring with it. If you are brave and daredevil enough to endure this pain, you can surely opt for this tattoo. 

Eagle Back Tattoo

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How do you feel when seeing an eagle flying all through the sky? You will probably be amazed and in awe after seeing that bird. The eagles are attractive and an epitome of courage, power, and spirituality. For many people, the eagle is often considered symbolic of freedom, as it spreads its wings and soars through the sky.

You can show yourself as a free-spirited person by inking an eagle tattoo on your back. For a more realistic design, spread the wings out and see the magic.  


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